Gluten Free

MAYA company is well aware of the celiac patient’s plight.

Beyond the necessity to find substitutes for products containing gluten (such as breads, cakes etc.),

There is confusion about the phenomenon of products that essentially do not contain gluten (ie, no ingredients with gluten)

yet they have listed on the packaging that the product may contain gluten.

Celiac patients do not know how to deal with these statements, because it is impossible to know if there is a real chance of gluten contamination or if the statement is baseless. (The Health Ministry maintains that there is no health damage in consumption of up to 20 ppm gluten.) Most gluten-intolerant patients are unwilling to take the risk and therefore they avoid these products although most of them are safe because they either contain no gluten or less than 20 ppm


MAYA has taken on the task of being a trailblazer in this area.

Administrative and strategic decisions set new precedents with production, packaging processes and quality control tests greatly widened.

This has created the possibility to produce and pack products without gluten concern.

The company is making efforts to produce as many of its products in clean gluten- free lines, as possible.

Among them you will find all MAYA’S candy and sweets, POPSIM – the corn sticks snack, some of the baking products, legumes, rice and more.

The policy of MAYA company is to do the best they can to improve the lives of its customers in every possible way.