At the top of its priority, MAYA puts the health of its consumers. It invests heavily in the quality of all its products. Quality control is a major focus of the company to international standards: ISO 9001:2008, HACCP and GMP licence. It adheres to extremely high standards especially because of their manufacture of pharmaceutical products, which require high quality conditions, and they apply these standards to all their production and packaging lines.

The health issue is part of the company identity and is reflected in many areas:

• Development – The Company’s R & D focuses on the health aspect. The desire to give consumers products that are both tasty and healthy led to the establishment of an R & D team whose role is to develop new healthy products and to improve existing lines by changing the raw materials and production process. In addition, the entry to the area of functional food and nutritional supplements enables the Company to provide high quality products with added health and nutritional benefits.

• Natural materials – MAYA continues to move in the direction of natural ingredients in its raw materials. It manufactures its products with natural colors, flavors etc.

• Gluten-free – The Company is conscious of many people’s sensitivity to products containing gluten. Therefore they have undertaken the task of providing as many products as possible to celiac patients. In an unusual operational and logistical process, MAYA now produces mostly gluten-free products, unlike competitors which vaguely state “may contain gluten.’