MAYA was founded as MAYA SPICE OF LIFE JERUSALEM LTD. in 1982.  Three young friends, newly-released from the IDF, Moishe, Israel and Udi, established a small factory in Jerusalem’s Givat Shaul neighborhood.  They had just one food packing machine for powdered spices.  They decided to call the company MAYA, an acronym for their three Hebrew names.


The company started out manufacturing and selling baking powder and spices, under the strict Kashrut of BADATZ, the Eda Haredit Jerusalem, which was rare at that time.  Over the years, MAYA has gained an important reputation in the ultra-Orthodox community for its adherence to their strict standards.  Eventually, two more childhood friends, (Shmuel and Ami) also joined the company as partners.  The company expanded and their range of products continues to grow.    As a result of the expansion, new machines and trained, professional employees were added, enhancing their  production and marketing capabilities.  This brought about a need for more space.



In 1998,  MAYA moved to the industrial zone of Mishor Adumim, today housing production plants, distribution warehouses and the management staff.  In 2010, the company changed its official name to ‘MAYA FOOD INDUSTRIES LTD.’ , thereby reflecting the wide variety of its products.  Today the company produces, packs and markets a wide range of over 300 products in many categories, including beans, rice and grains; baking ingredients; spices; nuts; dried fruits; savory snacks; candies; sweets and more.



The company invests heavily in purchasing the most advanced equipment, as well as research and development of superior new products. They recently changed their branding process and packaging,  with a new logo, to reflect the latest design and marketing techniques.  This has led the company to advance in new directions with truly innovative products , attractively presented.

MAYA is an inspiring example of a small, privately owned company that managed to move forward in small steps , to become an established, widely-recognised and promising company, while retaining its humble Israeli character.